Our Services

Daddy Construction offers a broad variety of skills and services that combine exceptional craftsmanship, latest technologies and architectural innovations.

Design-Build Whatever you want – we can design; everything we design – we can build!  ​ Direct construction experience goes into every design aspect so you don’t need to keep going back to the drawing board.  In-house drafting services allow us to work directly with each client, saving both time and money for everyone involved.   
We Build Not Just Your Home. We Build Your Own Identity !! Building or renovating a custom luxury home requires precise craftsmanship, efficiency and timely completion.  Over the last 1 years in business, we have curated a team of professional who do just that.  We do not settle for anything less than the best: the best designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and most importantly, the best construction managers.    To maintain the highest standards of quality, our company hand picks only a few projects each operation time.  This ensuring our clients have our complete attention and lets us focus on being a true advocate for their vision.  We deliver each project on time and within a budget.  
Project Management Need someone to wrangle a growing team and provide guidance to keep everything on track? ​ For projects contracted directly with subs, already underway, understaffed, or requiring additional supervision, we provide an additional layer of supervision and professionalism to ensure nothing is overlooked.     We manage the design & construction teams through every step of the process from pre-construction through occupancy to ensure project success!        Financing Options Unlike other construction companies we also offer financing options!  ​ Even the most well-off clients often cannot get bank financing until after the work is completed.   Waiting for funding means delaying some work until after inspections and occupancy.  As our clients will tell you, the cost of financing pales in comparison to the come back cost of contractors and the headaches of construction after occupancy. ​ We offer various options including construction bridge loans, full construction financing secured by property and other creative solutions to make your dreams a reality.